WTF, Dropbox?

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Igor! Lube up the Orgasmatron™. We’ve got shit to do…


Nothing to see here.

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Move along, citizen.

Not dead yet

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…But damn if they’re not giving me special attention with an eager eye toward that outcome.

I haven’t forgotten a single one of you and I will be back.

Still alive

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Things have been “fun” for the past few months… in a very narrowly defined band of fun. I’m hoping that we’ve stabilized at our current workflow at Doc Blinkenstein’s day job. We’ll see.

While the hits just keep on coming, how ’bout some feedback? What would y’all like next?


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Treats for good boys

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Sometimes our physical self hasn’t quite caught up with our inspired psychology, so anyone who feels the pull to be a good boy can read along and enjoy the story. There’s no need to explain this much. You’ll understand very well by the time you’ve finished reading. And it’s almost certain that this is a familiar favorite, even if you can’t quite recall all of it.

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Learning by counterexample

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They can’t all be winners. Sometimes the chemistry is bad. There are language barriers. There are misunderstandings and social miscues. Reflection. Refraction. Weather balloons. Meh. Sometimes the whole damn thing turns into a flaming heap of fail.

This is one such instance. Names have been changed, like diapers, and for much the same reason. We start with Dane Brammage sallying forth and infiltrating my IM screen—despite my “busy” flag—with the following. [Snarky comments added for the author’s amusement.] For extra fail, note how the author tries repeatedly to recover the session only to discover some new disconnect. Should’ve put it down quick and clean at the first sign of trouble.

Dane Brammage(5:20:49 PM) : hello

Blink’s Pseudonym(5:37:18 PM) : Hi. Sorry for the wait.

Blink’s Pseudonym(5:38:50 PM) : Are you still there?

Dane Brammage(5:39:24 PM) : es still here

Dane Brammage(5:39:31 PM) : yes

Blink’s Pseudonym(5:39:42 PM) : Cool.

Blink’s Pseudonym(5:40:04 PM) : I’m Blink. I know I saw a profile somewhere, but I can’t remember where.

Dane Brammage(5:40:24 PM) : ok randomsite

Dane Brammage(5:40:36 PM) : my username in Cranio-Rectal Insertion

Dane Brammage(5:40:39 PM) : is

Blink’s Pseudonym(5:40:48 PM) : That’s right.

Blink’s Pseudonym(5:41:07 PM) : And for me to have contacted you, you must’ve expressed an interest in trance.

Dane Brammage( 5:41:47 PM) : yes

Blink’s Pseudonym(5:42:04 PM) : Tell me what you’re looking for.

Dane Brammage(5:45:26 PM) : ok be right back

[Seventeen words from Dane in about eight minutes and the conversation has been going on for-EV-er.]

Dane Brammage(5:50:02 PM) : back

Blink’s Pseudonym(5:50:34 PM) : Tell me what you’re into.

Dane Brammage(5:51:00 PM) : ok

[…Watching the glaciers speed by….]

Dane Brammage(6:09:43 PM) : ok

Blink’s Pseudonym(6:10:37 PM) : What are you interested in doing with hypnosis?

Dane Brammage( 6:18:33 PM) : stage, mind control, slavery, brainwashing,

Blink’s Pseudonym( 6:18:59 PM) : Do you have much experience going into trance?

Dane Brammage(6:20:17 PM) : been under at least 50 times

[Words cannot express the depth, breadth and sincerity of my ambivalence.]

Blink’s Pseudonym(6:20:45 PM) : Good boy.

Blink’s Pseudonym( 6:20:58 PM) : Do you have a trance trigger?

Dane Brammage(6:22:00 PM) : why

[So I can cross-stitch a sampler. My grandmother wants it tattooed on her ass. We’re picking out baby names. Why the fuck do you think?]

Blink’s Pseudonym( 6:22:39 PM) : I’d like to know if you’ve had experience with rapid inductions or triggered trances.

Dane Brammage(6:23:31 PM) : yes i do but i like hypnotist to make there own trigger

Dane Brammage(6:23:39 PM) : and you i have

[Trance duel with Master Yoda am I in! Mm!]

Blink’s Pseudonym(6:23:54 PM) : You’ve listened to my work?

Dane Brammage(6:24:58 PM) : and yes i have

Dane Brammage(6:25:04 PM) : sorry

Blink’s Pseudonym(6:26:07 PM) : Then you understand how easy it is to start relaxing into trance. I’m glad you know that.

Dane Brammage(6:26:45 PM) : what work

Blink’s Pseudonym(6:27:17 PM) : I’ve got a couple of MP3s you might have listened to. "Blink’s Basic Induction" and "Good Boy."

Dane Brammage(6:27:35 PM) : nope

Blink’s Pseudonym(6:28:17 PM) : I’ll have to give you the links. The Basic is a great vanilla trance induction. It’ll give you a sense of my voice and my style.

Dane Brammage(6:28:34 PM) : ok

Dane Brammage(6:28:55 PM) : what do you specialize in

Blink’s Pseudonym(6:29:02 PM) : Control.

Blink’s Pseudonym(6:29:41 PM) : "Good Boy" sets structure in place for operant conditioning without needing to do repeated trance inductions.

Blink’s Pseudonym(6:29:59 PM) : Are you familiar with operant conditioning?

Dane Brammage(6:30:10 PM) : not really

Blink’s Pseudonym(6:30:37 PM) : Are you familiar with clicker training for pets?

Dane Brammage(6:31:23 PM) : not really but only in movies

Blink’s Pseudonym(6:31:40 PM) : It’s the same idea. When you do something I like, I give you a treat.

Blink’s Pseudonym(6:31:47 PM) : It’s a slow progression, but it works.

Blink’s Pseudonym(6:31:53 PM) : Even if you know what I’m doing.

Dane Brammage(6:32:02 PM) : ok

Dane Brammage(6:32:12 PM) : do you do anything stage

[Suddenly, non sequitur!]

Blink’s Pseudonym(6:32:45 PM) : No stage work. I sometimes do the same schtick, but I’m not a performer.

Dane Brammage(6:33:04 PM) : damn

[The feeling is mutual.]

Dane Brammage(6:33:12 PM) : ok

Blink’s Pseudonym(6:33:31 PM) : Why are you looking for a stage hypnotist?

Dane Brammage(6:35:37 PM) : i have heard that stage is fun to under go

[I’d throw you under a stage, but a bus would be much more convenient.]

Blink’s Pseudonym(6:36:27 PM) : You’d need to have an audience. That’s really the only difference. Anything that you can do on stage, you can do off stage.

Dane Brammage(6:38:02 PM) : i know

[Now my brain hurts.]

Dane Brammage(6:38:26 PM) : i ment do you do anything in the stage hypnosis area

[Um… isn’t the stage hypnosis area… uh… the stage?]

Blink’s Pseudonym(6:38:59 PM) : What would you like to do?

Dane Brammage(6:41:37 PM) : like what

Blink’s Pseudonym(6:42:05 PM) : Dude, are you high?

Dane Brammage(6:42:21 PM) : hell no

[For fuck’s sake! You mean… you can’t come down from this?]

Blink’s Pseudonym(6:43:16 PM) : What kind of stage gimmicks do you want to do?

Dane Brammage(6:44:25 PM) : forgeting name, acting like a chicken,

Dane Brammage(6:44:29 PM) : i have more

[More? You had me at “acting like a chicken.”

For the record, just how many people have any idea what a chicken acts like? Show of hands: how many of you have ever seen a chicken outside of cartoons, sandwiches and the freezer case at Wal-Mart?]

Blink’s Pseudonym(6:46:03 PM) : OK. Have you played memory games before?

Dane Brammage(6:47:03 PM) : no

Dane Brammage(6:47:11 PM) : what are they

[We can start by forgetting we’ve met.]

Blink’s Pseudonym(6:48:20 PM) : Let’s see if we can find out together.

Blink’s Pseudonym(6:48:35 PM) : You’d like to try forgetting, but to forget, you have to remember.

Blink’s Pseudonym(6:48:49 PM) : Sometimes you remember to forget things. Other times you forget to remember.

Blink’s Pseudonym(6:49:03 PM) : You can remember trances you’ve been in.

Blink’s Pseudonym(6:49:11 PM) : And you’ve forgotten some of the trance play you’ve done.

Blink’s Pseudonym(6:49:28 PM) : And you can remember forgotten things with the back part of your mind…

Blink’s Pseudonym(6:49:41 PM) : …while you’re forgetting memories in the front part.

Blink’s Pseudonym(6:50:06 PM) : And it’s memorable when you first remember how to forget and forget something you’ve been remembering.

Blink’s Pseudonym(6:50:26 PM) : But you can forget about all that confusion as you remember what it feels like when you start to go into trance, now.

Blink’s Pseudonym(6:50:46 PM) : And because you’ve been in trance many times, it’s easy to relax all the way down, now.

Blink’s Pseudonym(6:51:04 PM) : So you can just start to notice your body feeling relaxed in that way you know…

Blink’s Pseudonym(6:51:21 PM) : …and as you notice the relaxation deepen and spread, you can follow it with your mind.

Blink’s Pseudonym(6:51:36 PM) : And if you notice any tension or resistance, the relaxation can start to flow into it.

Blink’s Pseudonym(6:51:46 PM) : And as the relaxation dissolves the tension, comfort begins.

Blink’s Pseudonym(6:52:03 PM) : And you can notice how much more comfortable you are with each breath.

Blink’s Pseudonym(6:52:15 PM) : Each cool, calming breath in helps you to settle more.

Blink’s Pseudonym(6:52:31 PM) : Each warm, relaxing breath out helps you sink deeper into trance.

Dane Brammage(6:52:58 PM) : dude I will be right back

[Click. Dial tone….]

Dane Brammage(6:54:53 PM) : hello?

Treats for good girls

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Sometimes our physical self hasn’t quite caught up with our inspired psychology, so anyone who feels the pull to be a good girl can read along and enjoy the story. There’s no need to explain this much. You’ll understand very well by the time you’ve finished reading. And it’s almost certain that this is a familiar favorite, even if you can’t quite recall all of it.

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Benevolent Dictatorship Promo

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[INTERIOR: plush executive office, dark woods, oversize desk, library bookcases.

Seated behind the desk in a white lab coat, writing, is DR VICTOR BLINKENSTEIN.]



[look up, slight smile]

Oh! Hello there.

[stand, walk a few steps toward camera]

I’ve taken a break from trying to enslave the masses through the awesome power of pseudoscience so I can have a serious monologue with you.

[sit, casually, on corner of desk]

It’s impossible to turn on your television or launch your web browser or even activate the neural implants these days without being bombarded with information about the global economy including numerous recent events that have devastated nations and even large continental regions. As bleak as the outlook might be in the First World, I’m afraid that the poorer parts of our little planet are in much, much worse shape.

[indicate large globe]

While we have habituated to a certain level of comfort in the Western Hemisphere, much of the rest of the world is still living in a state of bare subsistence, and in many cases, below that level. The economic forces that are causing discomfort here are, quite literally, killing people elsewhere.

Here at Castle Blinkenstein, we believe that unintentional pain is unacceptable.

A major difficulty has  been the effort to tell people in the West, who are suffering greater discomfort now than has been the case in more than sixty years, that they’ve got it too easy. How do you convince someone who sees his or her own financial situation deteriorating to give up resources?

My simple answer: mind control.

[smile, nod knowingly]

I’ve been working with my minions to develop a master plan that will effectively harness the Castle’s power to affect the will, the drive to put submission into action felt by many “service-oriented” submissives and the conduit provided by the Internet to pour First World power on the Third World’s problems.

[stand, walk, speaking, to whiteboard]

Research has already begun into the best way to structure an organized number of “volunteers.” These people will offer their efforts in exchange for the intangible rewards that the Castle can so readily provide: pride in service, self-satisfaction in building global community and screaming, wall-pounding orgasms brought about with the mind-bendingly kinky devices stored in the castle’s vaults. Possibly the denial of such orgasms. Maybe these folks would like to have themselves stored in the castle vaults. Different strokes.

Avenues exist for readily converting the efforts of an Internet-connected group into tangible assistance for the resource-poor. One such possibility is Free Rice, where a group for the serfdom, slaves, minions, and laborers of the castle has already been formed. Anyone can join and immediately begin lending assistance.

Some of the structure for generating rewards is already in place and the rest can be readily built. I’m very generous with treats, as most of you already know.

[directly to camera]

The only element missing from my master plan is you.

I’m not asking for volunteers. Not yet. We’re simply not at that stage. What I am asking for is an open discussion. Castle staff needs to know how to organize. I need to plan for recruitment and retention. Most importantly, I need to know if there are enough mind-control submissives willing to put some actual service behind their submission to make real change happen. A handful of individuals can help, but for real change, we require real numbers. Recruitment by force is only an option after informed consent. I need to know how you’d inspire your friends, associates, fellow submissives and others to join with us.

All I’m asking for is your willingness to think and talk.

I’m Dr. Victor Blinkenstein. Call me Blink. I’m here to help.

[activate hypnodisc]

Now as you watch this, and enjoy your Kool-Aid I’ll begin to tell you about Phase Two….

And he said…

Ooh! Well, once upon a time a boy was walking down the road when he came upon an enormous castle on the outskirts of town. The boy was scared of what he would find when he knocked on the door, but something inside him, maybe curiosity, impelled him to do it anyway. The knocks echoed loudly through the depths of the stone building, but there was no answer that he could hear. Still insatiably curious, he pushed open one of the towering wooden doors and slipped inside, to explore the rooms beyond.

He wandered for a long time through the empty halls and galleries, down vast winding stone staircases into the depths, ever further down, until finally he heard a faint noise, and saw a flicker of eerie light.

Pushing open one last door, he peeked inside a cavernous room full of mysterious equipment with strange smoky bubbling liquids and arcs of electricity jumping across. And from one end of the room to the other ran row after row of gurneys, small beds each bearing one, naked, person.

Their eyes were all closed, but they didn’t seem quite asleep—but not at all awake, either. As he looked closely, he blushed to see that each one was ever-so-slowly grinding his or her hips to some unseen, inaudible beat or inner urge. Their breathing was slow but seemed punctuated by gasps. He saw a sprinkling of sweat beading the skin of the nearest. And each wore a pair of headphones.

He blushed again to notice that every man’s penis was erect.

As he stood there, peeking in the door, a man in a lab coat came walking down the aisle. The man did not seem surprised to see him, but simply waved him absently to the nearest empty gurney, where another pair of headphones sat resting on top of the clean sheets.

Following an impulse he could not explain, the boy picked up the headphones, sat on the gurney, and put them on his head.

The first thing the voice that filled his ears said was, “Good boy.”

As he sat up, wondering when he’d lain down on the gurney, and when he’d drooled on his chin, the boy tried to hold onto the second thing the voice said, but he realized that all of the things it had said were too important to remember consciously. He walked up towards the entrance of some building he was in and tried to remember what was interesting about its shape, or its size, or something he’d thought about when he first saw it, but as he let himself out the front door he realized he couldn’t even remember what road he’d turned on to get there… but he knew that was all right, and that he could try again the next day to find an interesting building on the outskirts of town, and try then to figure out what was so intriguing about it, and who could possibly live inside.

And the man in the lab coat lived happily ever after.

Original story by Chew Toy, © 2011, all rights reserved. …To the extent that he is allowed rights.

Find more of his fiction at the Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive. If he can do this well in a series of offline IM posts, imagine how good the finished, polished work is.